Lawn maintenance and cleanup

Tree Trimming / Pruning Service

Landscape Design / Install

Landscape Water Features & Water Fountains

Sometimes, we need to take preliminary steps before offering mowing and lawn care services. For instance, you might have an excess of dead leaves to remove that maybe is too much for a mulch mower or want brush removed where the grass is growing in some spots. We can take out all green waste and properly dispose of it before we perform grass moving, seeding or fertilization. Green removal will add to the beauty of your lawn in addition to any other lawn maintenance we would perform.

Our tree trimming and pruning experts are ready to help keep your beautiful trees looking healthy and full. Holt Lawn and Landscape has a vast knowledge of local trees, the insects and diseases that effect them and can tailor a plan of action to best suit your trees needs. With Holt Lawn and Landscape you can be confident that we are going to take great care of your landscape's trees.

No job is too big or too small.

Our landscape services are fully capable of all of your design and installation needs. Whether the project is large or small, Holt Lawn and Landscape has the design capability, know how, and experience to turn your landscaping vision into reality.

Water features and water fountains are a beautiful addition to any landscape design. Water features convey a sense of elegance, tranquility, and the trickling or cascading sound of water provides the added benefit of peaceful sounds to help you relax after a long day. With our experience we are sure to build a water feature you will love!

Holt Lawn and Landscape can also repair or refurbish most existing water features.

Mulch Installation

Lawn Fertilization

LED Landscape Lighting


A quick and cost effective way to keep your lawn looking fresh is to re-mulch your flower beds and trees. Mulching your landscaping will give your lawn an updated and clean look which will help hold in moisture during the hot summer months and warmth throughout the winter.

Do you notice your lawn does not appear as vibrant and healthy as your neighbors' lawn? Holt Lawn and Landscape will provide your soil with the nutrients it needs to enhance the greenness and thickness of your grass. Fertilization also can help your lawn restore itself back to normal after becoming hit with insects, disease, drought, or other problems. Proper nutrients can also slow down future pest attacks. Plus, as well-fed grass thickens, it also leaves less room for weeds to sprout up.

Our landscape services are fully capable of all of your design and installation needs. Whether the project is large or small, Holt Lawn and Landscape has the design capability, know how, and experience to turn your landscaping vision into reality.

Holt Lawn and Landscape can help you establish a new lawn area by laying fresh sod for you landscape project. This is a quick and effective way to get green lush grass without the hassle of dealing with sprouting grass from seed and dealing with the dirt while the seeds establish. In many cases, sod is used to cover up severe lawn deterioration and can also help cultivate growth. We will help you with a sod installation layout that is tailored to your exact specifications and needs.

Holt Lawn and Landscape can also tear out dead or unwanted sod if needed.

Irrigation Repair

Irrigation Installation

Fall Clean Up

Winter Rye Overseeding

We handle all repairs related to your irrigation system. This includes but is not limited to broken heads, leaks, controllers, backflow preventers, valves, moving heads, and system upgrades.

Holt Lawn and Landscape is a certified irrigation installation company. We access your personal needs and give you an in depth review of how and where we would install your irrigation system to work best for your lawn. in order to receive a system that is customized to your lawn and landscape. We will work closely with you to give you the best possible system for your lawn and landscape.

There is always clean up work to be done on a lawn, but when fall arrives sometimes the leaf clean up can be overwhelming. Let Holt Lawn and Landscape take on the task. Holt Lawn and Landscape will clean up all leaves, sticks and other debris off of your lawn and landscape areas with a fall clean up. A fall clean up should be done as needed, depending on the amount of trees in your lawn or neighborhood. It is much easier to do fall clean up weekly compared to once at the end of the year.
95% of all leaves that fall can be mulched back into the turf or composted. We can use a variety of different methods to mulch as many leaves back into the soil as possible. Leaves are a great gift to your soil and building a healthy lawn, so why bag them and have them hauled away.

Winter Rye is a popular option to keep a thick green grass look even in the dead of winter. Rye is a fast-growing grass that loves colder weather which is why it’s such a great option for winter lawns. Our winter rye services are offered in the fall and the winter rye will continue to grow until the temperature maintains above 70 degrees and your summer lawn begins to come back to life.